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Every day we meet hundreds, thousands of strangers for a moment. A lot of faces that catch us with their radiance or their gaze. I'm tired of these faces only flashing for a moment.  Few years ago, I started taking photos first of friends and then of strangers on the street. I ask them to give me a minute to take a spontaneous portrait of them. There is no prior consultation, makeup, hair stylist and staff. No studio-lightning, no location arrangement.  Most of the pictures are results of spontaneous encounters. 

I do not ask for a phone number or e-mail address. Just a first name, a country name and a look. I'll tell you that I'm doing a series for my blog, which I'd like to turn into an exhibition at the end. In a minute or two I'll do the portrait, give you my card and say goodbye. The goal is a portrait series with 333 photos. Or more...

Patricia from Spain
Ailec from Cuba
Dorka from Hungary
Ana from Ukraine
Araya from Venezuela
Hana from Netherland
Gloria from Germany
Gara from Canary Islands
Minana from Spain
Lucia from Uruguay
Tünde from Hungary
Estefania from Italy
Alexandra from Germany
Tatiana from Switzerland
Anastacia from Greece
Renche from Philippines
Alica from Spain
Claudia from Spain
Eli from Netherland
Estefania from Spain
Zsuzsanna from Hungary
Irene from Spain
Johanna from Germany
Sheila from Spain
Lina from Singapore
Sol from Spain
Leymar from Venezuela
Miguela from Italy
Lucrecia from Italy
Vivien from Brazil
Korinna from Hungary
Enunkyung from South Korea
Azahara from Madeira
Maria from Columbia
Yisharek from Etiopia
Rosie from Spain
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