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"It can't rain forever"


Gabor Erdelyi is an award winning,  international freelance photographer born in Hungary. He is currently the Photography Ambassador of Sony.
Leaving his profession of law he started to build up his photographer career. He studied photography in Denmark. As photographer of international magazines he makes portraits, nudes and fashion photos. He is a photographer of actors, musicians, cinematographers, dancers, artists. One of his goals is to create a portrait-collection of contemporary artists.  On photo competitions and exhibitions he won a lot of prizes with his genre photos made all around the world.

Travelling is important part of his yeasty life, he is always looking for new visual adventures. Visiting different parts of Asia, Europe, America by car, by bike, on ship or mostly on foot he tries to discover the world around us. The graphic lines, the portrait photography and the relationship between people and built environment are the most important elements in his visual world.


Gabor Erdélyi photography projects: